Ray Ban Cockpit

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Verb(Mechanical engineering: Machinery and components) Police were hunting two attackers who made off on a motorcycle. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They were still being hunted by police last night. The Sun (2016) Police were hunting a third attacker who fled the scene.

RAY SUAREZ: We took a look at roads and bridges. Certainly America attention was focused on the problem with infrastructure in roads and bridges when that bridge over the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities collapsed in 2007. And all that did was bring up to public attention what was a problem all over the country and a severe one that thousands of bridges are considered structurally substandard.

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Times, Sunday Times (2010)Government sources concede the airport has been placed on hold due to a deepening financial crisis. Times, Sunday Times (2011)It has also increased the use of thermal scanners at its international airport. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Yet she sails happily through airport security.